The primary focus and mission of Bestiga! is to:

  • provide creative solutions for previously unfilled niches, and
  • make improvements to existing processes, products, or services resulting in measurable, positive impact

Shelly Henricks


After having a career spanning three decades, living in six states (including Hawaii) as well as internationally in China, and honing her professional skills in a variety of industries, Shelly Henricks founded Bestiga!, LLC as a comprehensive performance consulting company.  Due to many corporate, university, and medical industry contacts made along the way, she has access to a network of diverse resources. This unique background is the basis for Bestiga!'s ability to address the needs of a broad client base and to provide creative solutions to a wide range of industries.  Current international projects include relationship with entities in China, England, and Australia.


Recent Projects

Recent Projects have included the following:

  • Developing a web-based service company
  • Promoting products to a pharmaceutical company.
  • Developing a special needs preschool in conjunction with a US university.
  • Proposing a joint venture between a US and Chinese university.
  • Guest instructor engagements at universities.
  • Designing an IRB-approved research study to develop a teaching model that would be used as a part of medical university standardized course curriculum for prenatal and postnatal physician specialties.
  • Providing consultation for design, development, and marketing for recently-invented medical equipment.
  • Consulting for various small to medium size companies in a variety of industries.



Bestiga! supports:
SOFT - Support Organization for Trisomy 18, 13, and Related Disorders
Special Olympics
Unique - London, England