Bestiga! provides consulting services for development of almost any business venture.

Consulting services have been provided for the following entities:

  • Universities
  • Pharmaceutical product developers/manufacturers
  • Inventors marketing new products
  • Small to medium businesses

Consulting services may include analysis of the following:

  • Product development
  • Product marketing and promotions
  • Technology commercialization process
  • Operational procedures
  • Cash flow analysis (accounts receivable and payable)
  • Budget
  • Work flow and employee talent utilization
  • Physical logistics and workspace utilization

Additional services may also be provided depending on the client's needs. For example:

  • Visiting other facilities or sites to determine feasibility of adapting model to their institutional structure
  • Providing budget analysis to determine basis for legislative funding request
  • Presenting information to legislators
  • Contacting outside funding sources
  • Grant writing

Bestiga! is not limited in regard to creativity, passion, and knowledge of a broad spectrum of industries. Let Bestiga! assist your company as you ascend and conquer.