University Research


  • “. . . Every human should hear you speak . . . you taught, you made us think. . .”
  • “Interesting, engaging . . .Two thumbs waaaay up.”
  • “I would listen to Ms. Henricks give another lecture in a heartbeat.”
  • “I wish more professors used her teaching style.”
  • “I thought she was a natural at lecturing.”
  • “ . . . could definitely see she is passionate  . . . “
  • “Absolutely wonderful and engaging! I was not bored once."
  • “Really interesting - she was funny, and knew a lot about everything she was talking about”
  • “ Shelly Henricks did an absolutely fabulous job . . .”
  • “She was very thorough and engaged the audience during the entire presentation.  She also made the information relatable to our age group and college students as a whole.”
  • “Fantastic job! Loved it!”
  • “Really made sure we knew the things you were talking about.”
  • “She held our attention . . .”
  • “I loved the humor she brought to the presentation.”
  • “She was very energetic and her presentation skills were great.”
  • “She was very well informed and presented in a way that everyone could understand and learn.”
  • “She was very interesting to listen to.  She did an amazing job . . . Overall, fantastic”
  • “She was very confident and answered all the questions that we had.  She also was very well-prepared and kept our attention.”